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Gathering a collection of objects from someone’s home with his or her consent and complicity.

Displaying the items in the studio with identical positioning and lighting. Simulating a photobooth
in which the subject is not a person’s features but an object, the device not a camera but a
hand-held pencil.

Outlining the volumes with a graphite pencil on paper, capturing, revealing the structure of the model. Using the perspective suggested by the darkroom and breaking away from the replication it suggests. Straight lines, curves, uneven lines, open acute angles,dots..Holding one’s breath in order to achieve the desired trajectory.

Occasionally ignoring the rules of geometry in search of the precise stroke.

A contrast between sight and stroke. What I think of as round becomes oval on the surface.

Obtaining a rigorous and minimalistic architectural network of organized lines on the sheet of paper.

Enhancing forms with the occasional shadow of watercolor.

Repeating the process by drawing the item as seen from different angles.

Ultimately, laying out the different perspectives on a new sheet, superimposing the
different angles with the use of a different polychromatic pencil for each.