Gouache on paper 15x21.5 cm
Paris, 2013-2014
Strange spaces rising above the river bank in the heart of the city.

Silos, containers, conveyor belts, tanks, cranes, trucks, barges.

The object is utilitarian, each element is in its right place.
Each day unveils a ballet of transits orchestrated by the operator and the workmen.

On rest days, this site on the edge of the water becomes intriguing, mysterious.
The light strokes the green, blue, white, ochre, and yellow volumes, in silence...
A combination of remarkable outlines.

The eye frames this alchemy of rough, paradoxically beautiful forms, through the frosted lenses of the camera.

Picks among the pictures on the contact sheet and enlarges the chosen prints.
A plot emerges, forming a series.

The next step involves sketching and drawing with gouache paint in an attempt to recover what the eye remembers and the device ignored.

Moving on to the painting. A change of scale, of gestures, of material.
Positioning the different shapes and colors, superimposing layers, hiding, revealing, organizing...
Introducing other combinations.

The boundless games of painting unravel.

Stopping the process when the layout of forms and colors on the surface is arranged accurately.
This serie is a preliminary work leading to the pictures in the painting section of this webside under"Silo".